Vancouver Offshore Schools Group Ltd (VOSG) and its subsidiary Canadian Association of Accredited Private Schools Ltd (CAAPS) are Canadian education companies registered in Vancouver, British Columbia, since 2005. VOSG and CAAPS managed by a group of Canadian education consultants who enjoy over 100 years of combined educational leadership and business experiences. VOSG and CAAPS collaborate with the Canadian ministries of education and the postsecondary institutions to provide comprehensive and specialized professional services for international students and educational institutions.

Leveraging our international network of connections, and the rich diversity of our group of education consultants, we help our business partners to establish private schools (K-12) that offers advanced Canadian education programs, ranked among the top six systems in the world, to students in their home countries. Upon successful completion of the program of studies, students earn a Canadian high school diploma that provides worldwide accessibility to reputable postsecondary educational institutions.